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Natural & Ecological Pond Filtration System

Using scientific methods, we create this system that imitates the natural water environment with its circulating and self-cleaning processes.

  • Keep water pure & maintain cleanliness of the pond for a long time
  • Remove smells & maintain a fresh pond environment
  • Prevent the rapid growth of algae and avoid green hues in water
  • Maintain the harmonic growth of the pond's natural ecosystem

Unique Features of Mountain Tree's Filtration System

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    Premium Quality

    With high-quality polyethylene materials, our filtration system is UV & impact resistant as well as durable.

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    Weather Resistance

    Our filtration system functions well in a harsh environment, withstanding extremely cold or hot conditions.

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    Customized Solution

    UVC parts & accessories can be customized based on different spacing requirements.

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    Assistance with Assembly

    Our team helps assemble the filtration system to ensure its high efficiency in physical & biological filtration.

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    Bespoke Filtration System

    Using the plates imported from Europe helps us customize curved ponds and biochemical filtration systems.

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    Hassle-Free Upgrades

    The composition of flexible plastic material allows for easy repairs or upgrades.

How Our Biochemical Filtration System Works

  • 1.1st Phy & Bio Filtration Chamber

    - Blocks off most fish manure, leaves, fish food and other organic wastes debris. - Organic wastes break down naturally, which consumes oxygen. - Hexagonal Filter Brush bunches maximize spaces and extend oxygen contacts for those bacteria.

  • 2.2nd Phy & Bio Filtration Chamber

    - Accumulates lots of ammonia and nitrifying bacteria, begins to form bio films. - Spiral Filter Mats with spiral filaments aid in providing oxygen for nitrifying bacteria. - Sunlight and air from the surface benefit photosynthetic bacteria(PSB) in decomposing harmful substances into non-toxic proteins.

  • 3.1st Bio Filtration Chamber

    -Spiral Bacteria House with lotus root and spiral structures provide space for nitrifying bacteria to colonize. - Nitrifying bacteria interact with ammonia to convert nitrite in non-toxic nitrate. - Inside the media, anaerobic bacteria begin to grow and interact with nitrate into ammonia gas.

  • 4.2nd Bio Filtration Chamber

    - Nitro ring and Mineral ring colonies load nitrifying bacteria into their oblique sections. - Dissolved oxygen decreases while anaerobic bacteria growth increases to cause denitrification at this stage. - Decomposes harmful substances to completion in this stage.

  • 5.Microbial Balance Chamber

    - After previous stages, non-toxic and clean water enters the chamber. - Use UVC to sterilize, reduce germs and restrain algae growth. - Clean water pumps back for fish's health and joy.