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Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Ceramic Filter Media for Freshwater Aquariums

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    Spiral Structure Design

    The unique spiral structure of our ceramic filter media provides additional filtration space to the media, making the filtration space three times larger.

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    Far Infrared Ray

    Each ceramic filter media emits far-infrared rays valued at 400pcs/cm3. This makes water alive and benefits the fish immune system and coloring.

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    High Water Absorption

    Our ceramic filter media is guaranteed to absorb up to 80% of the water within its system, allowing for maximized and efficient filtration.

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    Rich Mineral Substance

    To aid in the development of the aquarium, our ceramic filter media contain and release minerals like K, Fe, Na, Ca, Mg, Zn and CU.

Lotus Root Bacteria House III

  • New indented lotus root and spiral structure design
  • Keeps water and microbes active
  • Rich mineral elements helps fish growing stronger
  • Maximize space for nitrifying bacteria colonial

Lotus Root Bacteria House II

  • Calcified minerals to encourage water ecological balance
  • Incredibly small pores on the surface to house beneficial bacteria
  • Patented spiral structures for adding up to 3 times filtration space
  • Mesh protector for 3D spaced capacity bacterial development

Mini Ring

  • Mini but high efficiency
  • Ideal for small size tank
  • Nature mineral elements powder added
  • Balance water PH
  • Special tooth gear shape

Maifan Ring

  • Full Functioning Mineral Filter Media
  • Patented Oblique Section Strucutre
  • Rich Minerals
  • Packed in 4 strings of necklaces
  • 500 sqm per Liter

Lotus Root Nitro Ring II

  • Open and closed pores for balanced aerobic and anaerobic bacteria development
  • Porous lotus structure for 60%-75% water absorption for maximum media filter efficiency
  • Development of beneficial bacteria to stop the formation of toxic ammonia and nitrite

Reliable Ceramic Filter Media Manufacturer For Freshwater Aquarium

Ceramic filters are circular pieces of ceramic that have pores on the surface and a central hole, typically used for filtering bacteria for a more natural environment for the inhabitants. Mountain Tree ceramic filters are made using the finest raw materials, giving them a longer service life and less residue.

Our highly-capable factory employs innovative patents and self-developed machinery to produce specialized, high-quality, and affordable ceramic filters for your market. Request for your quote and start getting samples!

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Patent Products

    Mountain Tree is backed by a strong Research and Development team works on innovating products. The filter brush balls and spiral bacteria roof are some of our patented creations.

  • Third-Party Testing

    Our products go through thorough external testing with reliable partner facilities to guarantee their quality and effectiveness before they are released to the market.

  • OEM Services

    We are able to provide customized OEM solutions to our clients that fit their market demands. Patents and trademarks are also processed to protect the interests of customers.