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Coconut Carbon

  • Safe chemical filter media for fish and water
  • Natural raw material, more carbon, less dust
  • Actively Removes odor, colors, organic pollutants to keep water crystal clear; removes toxic compounds and medications from fish tank.
  • Fast acting and highly developed pore structure and no additives.

Best Activated Carbon for Aquarium

Keeping your aquarium clean, clear, and free from odor is important to ensure that your aquatic life gets the best habitat. We offer quality bulk activated carbon for aquariums that are designed for this specific purpose. Our activated carbon features the ability to remove tastes, odors, organic compounds, and fish excrement pollutants. They are part of the chemical filtration class but are healthier and more friendly to aquatic life. This is because the carbon can maintain consistent temperatures to keep the fish warm. We pride ourselves on having developed one of the most reliable activated carbon options in the market. You are assured of quality and efficiency in your filtration processes.

Other Pond Filter Supplies for Your Filtration Systems

Our bulk-activated carbon is an important addition to your aquarium’s filtration system
and will greatly enhance your cleaning process. Our activated carbon is designed to work alongside
other filter supplies which include:

Our ceramic filter media offers biochemical filtration for your marine aquarium with efficiency leaving the water clean.

Our filter foams are perfect for marine water because they are designed to effectively remove pollutants. They are very effective and leave the water clean and clear.

Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Carbon for Marine Aquariums

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    Superior Adsorption Capacity

    With its high efficiency in absorbing chemicals and odors like pesticides, detergents and detergent solids, our activated carbon outperforms regular carbon in the market.

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    Large Surface Area

    Holding high iodine values, our activated carbon is made of a fine porous material with a large surface area.

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    Chemical Stability

    Our carbon removes tastes, odors, fish excrement pollutants and organic compounds while offering safe chemical filtration.

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    Thermal Stability

    Maintaining a consistent temperature, our carbon can provide greater protection & modest amount of warmth for fish in pond waters.

Reliable Carbon Manufacturer For Marine Aquarium

Attracting your end users requires a safe chemical filter medium that secures the quality of life for fish and improved taste in water. As such, our filters are a natural solution that produces less dust due to how carbons are predominantly microporous.

Able to absorb chemicals and fish excrement pollutants, our factory-produced carbons are affordable and renewable since they can be harvested fast. All of our carbon have passed third-party agency tests, CE, UL, ROHS and other certification.

Explore more about our carbon and get a quote for a bulk order to gain more profits for your wholesale business!

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

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    Our factory boasts 20 production lines to meet our annual production capacity in order to meet your demands and reach the market. Besides, all our filter media and pump accessories are produced under one roof.