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Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Filter Mat & Foam for Ponds

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    Excellent Filtration

    The spiral and coarse filaments of our filter mat & foam have better biological adhesive, making our filter mat & foam better at filtering pond water than competing mats.

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    Easy Cleaning

    By using hot-melting injection molding, our filter mat can be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun and can retain its shape for at least 3 to 5 years.

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    Solid 3D Structure

    Mountain Tree's patented solid 3D structure allows for optimized beneficial bacteria cultivation and efficient elimination of harmful microbes.

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    RoHS Compliant

    Our filter mat & foam are made from eco-friendly material that is RoHS tested to be safe for fishes and the surrounding environment.

3D Filter Bag for Pump

  • Screens out residue & keeps water clean
  • Pump protector & shock absorber

Spiral Filter Mat

  • Patented Spiral 3D Structure surface area for efficient biofiltration and bacteria cultivation
  • Moderate thickness for good oxygen circulation and low risk of clogging
  • Easy to cut, replace, and install for any pond filtration system
  • Highly resistant against UV rays

Reliable Filter Mat & Foam Supplier For Pond

Mountain Tree spiral filter mat and foam for ponds utilizes our patented spiral 3D structure that provides more surface area for better beneficial bacteria cultivation. The spiral and course surface also allows for superior biofiltration performance.

The speed and efficiency of our mat and foam’s filtration capabilities make us the leading manufacturers in the market. Unlike many pond filter products, we offer our mats and foam at an affordable price. Contact our sales team today!

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Useful Marketing Collateral

    Mountain Tree offers two to three marketing videos and articles on what you are most concerned about per month. This helps articulate your needs and find out the responding solutions.

  • Technical Support

    When you need to ensure our filter products are working properly, we have engineers who can provide on-spot technical support for distributors to resolve problems efficiently and quickly.

  • Fast Delivery

    We take care of the logistic details to ensure it takes only 14 days to your filter ready for delivery from receipt of your order. You can immediately meet high-demands with our fast delivery.