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Spiral Filter Mat

The Mountain Tree Spiral Filter Mat has both physical and biochemical filtration capabilities with excellent water permeability. It provides a subarea for bacteria to achieve step-by-step biological filtration.


  • Multi-functional filter media
  • Patented spiral 3D structure
  • Moderate thickness and density
  • Hot-melting solid structure
  • Easy to cut, maintain and install

Features of Spiral Filter Mat Product

Multi-Functional and Widely Used Filter Media

Patented Spiral 3D Structure

More surface area is covered by spiral and coarse filaments, aids in beneficial bacteria cultivation and upgrades bio filtration efficiency.

Moderate Thickness and Density

Circulates more oxygen and organic material to keep bacteria active and prevent clogging.

Patented masterly design

Solid Structure Made by Hot-melting

Made of eco-friendly material by hot-melting, safe for water, UV and sunshine resistant, and more durable.

Customizable install, fits all size of filtration

Easy to cut, maintain and install

Can be cut according to different sizes of the filtration system. The moderate density makes it easy to maintain and clean.

Diverse Applications


Article Article No. Size/Packing Package Size G.W/CTN
Spiral Filter Mat Green 33x33x4CM MTF302 33x33x4CM
85x53x49CM 9.8kg
Spiral Filter Mat Green 200x100x4CM MTF303 200x100x4CM
204x104x21CM 28kg


Matters need attention

What I should pay attention to when I use this product?

1 When being used, the spiral filter mat should be fully submerged under water and well covered, to avoid direct sunlight and UV lighting.

2 When use in a bakki shower system, place it upon the bio-filtration material such as bacteria house and nitro ring, etc., to allow the water to disperse evenly on the spiral filter mat and avoid direct sunlight.

3 When the water temperature is close to 0 degree Celsius or below, please do not move or clean the spiral filter mat.

4 Maintenance: Except the low temperature environment that mentioned above, the spiral filter mat can be cleaned with low-pressure water nozzle.

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