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Real-Time Monitoring to
Improve Production

Maintaining the quality of any fish pond requires constant monitoring. This also includes constant temperature changes that require the calibration parameters of dissolved oxygen (DO) to be altered.

To keep our fish safe and thriving, we have come up with an intelligent water monitoring system that has a scientific-grade water monitoring sensor as its core,along with an automatic alarm function and advanced automatic control scheme. All of these can comprehensively monitor water chemical parameters and transfer the data in real time to a variety of mobile devices.

Why Choose Mountain Tree's Monitoring System

  • Equipment
  • Function
  • Service
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    Durable Material

    Titanium alloy, pom & stainless steel for corrosion resistance & high temperature resistance.

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    Comprehensive Monitoring with Nitrate & Nitrite Available

    With just one integrated probe at the research level, it is convenient for users to simultaneously monitor the pond data, especially the nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia nitrogen indicators.

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    Highest Accuracy

    The monitoring sensors, which are categorized into optical sensors and digital sensors, allow for a 1% tolerance in accuracy at the most.

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    Easy to Maintain

    The sensors are easy for maintenance, disassembly and replacement.

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    IP68 Waterproof

    Continuous monitoring of the koi pond & aquaculture farms can be achieved with IP68 waterproof level.

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    Real-Time Monitoring

    Users can monitor data in real time data through various mobile devices 24/7.

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    Necessary Water Quality Indicators Included

    Real-time data required for water quality monitoring, especially nitrate, nitrite and ammonia nitrogen, are clearly shown on the device.

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    Historical Data Can Be Checked

    Historical data of any indicator in any time period can be checked in preparation for different stages of work.

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    Automatic Alarm Generated

    The system automatically generates alarm information to allow customers to take timely actions to improve water quality.

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    Online HD Camera

    Live monitoring of the pond can be achieved through an online HD camera.

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    Local Weather Can Be Checked

    Users can check the weather conditions in the area where the water quality monitoring equipment is located.

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    Data Protection

    The LoRa-encrypted transmission mode prevents the user data from easily leaking.

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    1-Year Warranty

    The monitoring system comes with a one-year warranty. During this period, a free set can be replaced if the water quality monitoring equipment is not artificially damaged.

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    Regular Maintenance

    During the warranty period, the on-site maintenance and calibration of the equipment shall be conducted every six months.

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    Helpful Engineers

    Our engineers are 24/7 online to reply to any technical inquiries and troubleshoot related problems.


Our monitoring system will ensure proper maintenance of the pond environment without spending much on labor and energy.

For Koi Hobbyist

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    Simple Usage

    Various devices work as soon as they are plugged into a power source; they come with a wireless connection and easy installation process.

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    Early Warning Alarms

    Early alarms will be given to users to help them judge whether they need to take timely actions to improve water quality.

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    Free Maintenance

    With assured minimal toxicity within your ponds and all the features that keep your pond safe and clean,you do not have to pay for maintenance anymore.

For Koi Farms

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    Saved Labor Costs

    Our improved monitoring systems minimize the need for human involvement.

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    Unlimited Number of Ponds

    Just one single mobile or web application allows you to monitor the dynamics of limitless ponds.

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    Ensured High Yields

    The online real-time dashboard shows all parameters and activates an appropriate alarm in case of any abnormal change. The koi growth leads to a fast ROI for your koi farms.

Mountain Tree Intelligent System Development

  • More Convenient

    Thanks to the multi-port connection, users can view data through the computer, mobile phone, and tablet device remotely at any time.

  • More Automatic

    With the 24-hour real-time online monitoring, a convenient early alarm will be automatically set off if the water condition parameters run outside the optimum range.

  • More Intelligent

    Using research-grade optical & electrical detection technology, each parameter of our loT can be accurate to the thousandth.