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Mini Ring

  • Mini but high efficiency
  • Ideal for small size tank
  • Nature mineral elements powder added
  • Balance water PH
  • Special tooth gear shape

Lotus Root Nitro Ring II(for Marine Water)

  • Rough surface and Lotus Root Structure
  • Oblique Section
  • Micro holes
  • 5580 sqm per Liter surface area
  • Water absorption rate: 75%

Lotus Root Bacteria House III(for Marine Water)

  • Lower silicate formula specially designed for marine water aquarium
  • Keeps water and microbes active
  • Offers large surface area for beneficial bacteria cultivation
  • Features porous and rough rocky surface, aid water flow-through
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Best Biological Media for Aquarium Filter

If you have a marine aquarium then you need to ensure that you invest in aquarium filter media bulk that will facilitate your filtration. Filter media come in handy to offer biochemical filtration that gets rid of all the unwanted matter in your aquarium. We offer filter media options that are easily applicable in your aquarium and easy to install. With your aquarium filter media order, you get a ceramic filter that features a patented design with quality assurance in its performance. Our filter media also comes with rich ions that help facilitate the growth of your aquatic life significantly.

Other Pond Filter Supplies for Your Filtration Systems

We offer quality bulk aquarium filter media that come in handy for your filtration needs. With marine
aquariums, you must invest in the consistent cleaning of your fish tank. This ensures that your
aquatic life is healthy and continues to grow accordingly. Some of our best filter supplies to consider include:

Our activated carbon features a superior absorption capacity to remove chemicals and odors that may affect your aquatic life.

Our filter foams are perfect for marine water because they are designed to effectively remove pollutants. They are very effective and leave the water clean and clear.

Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Ceramic Filter Media for Marine Aquariums

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    Patented Design

    We are your trusted manufacturing partner, and provide full protection against market leaks and possible patent violations from competitors.

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    Efficient Biochemical Filtration

    Our ceramic filter media utilizes an efficient biochemical filtration technology to properly grow the right bacteria to keep a healthy marine aquarium environment.

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    Rich Ions

    Our ceramic filter media contain rich ions that help improve the growth rates within the aquarium and optimize the environment for the inhabitants.

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    Micro Hole

    The micro holes within the filter media help in cultivating anaerobic bacteria for denitrification, decomposing NO3 into nitrogen and oxygen.

Reliable Ceramic Filter Media Manufacturer For Marine Aquarium

Typically used for a natural environment for the inhabitants by filtering bacteria, our ceramic filter media are circular pieces of ceramic with pores on the surface and a central hole. Mountain Tree’s line of ceramic filters has a longer service life and produces fewer residues as they are made using the finest raw materials.

We produce specialized, high-quality, and affordable ceramic filters for your market, using a highly-capable factory that employs innovative patents and self-developed machinery. Request for your samples today!

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Novel Products

    We are dedicated to continuous research and development to produce original and efficient products for the market. Our patented products perform better and have more affordable costs than competitors.

  • On-Spot Technical Support

    Mountain Tree has a reliable technical support team that can provide on the spot assistance whenever technical difficulties are encountered. Rest assured we are always available to provide aftersales service.

  • Expense Reimbursement

    Want to display and offer Mountain Tree ceramic filter media on the next fair? We provide expense reimbursements for distributors who showcase our products to their market.