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Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's UV Sterilizers for Freshwater Aquariums

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    Instant Purification

    Using our UV sterilizers is an ideal option to control harmful parasites and bacteria instantly for a healthier aquatic environment.

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    Durable Use

    Safe and reliable, our UV sterilizers are only made from materials of the highest quality to ensure that they work for no less than 8000 hours.

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    Safe Equipment

    We utilize rigid and durable stainless steel brackets and other lightweight materials on our UV sterilizers, making it easy to install them anywhere.

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    Easy Installation

    Mountain Tree UV sterilizer is equipped with a floating board to make the sterilizer float and installing the ballast easy.

15W UV Sterilizer

  • Equipped with Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Can be recycle use with replaceable lamp
  • Equipped with external socket, which ensures a long durability and make it safe
  • 15Watt, 20Watt, 40Watt, are Available

Reliable UV Sterilizer Manufacturer For Freshwater in China

Mountain Tree UV sterilizer is most suitable to use in the clear water chamber, which has high efficiency eliminating algae bloom in the filter system to lower drug or chemical use.

Reliable and durable, Mountain Tree’s line of patented freshwater aquarium UV sterilizers allows for greater algae control and keep fishes safe and healthy, as they are made with non-toxic materials. Products are packaged with excellent aftersales service and warranty protection. Reach out today.

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Direct Factory Price

    Not only are our filter brushes made with high-quality materials and procedures, but we also offer them at a direct factory price, providing distributors the best offer for these products.

  • Practical Training

    Our highly competent engineers are able to solve technical concerns distributors may have regarding the brush filters, as well as train them on efficiently using the products.

  • Quality Customer Services

    Apart from our order processing service, our reliable customer support team provides extensive aftersales support to help regarding how to use the product and improve product usage.