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3D Filter Pad

  • Mechanical stage filtration
  • Washable, Reusable & Durable
  • Screens out micro and macro organic particles
  • 3D structure and good resilience
  • Good water flow, reduce maintenance time

Carbon Wool Pad

  • High effect in adsorbing
  • Will not release harmful substance
  • Easy to cut out or just to tear apart to fit any size of filter
  • Can be use for freshwater and marine tank filtration

3D Filter Bag for Pump

  • Screens out residue & keeps water clean
  • Pump protector & shock absorber

Spiral Filter Mat

  • Patented Spiral 3D Structure surface area for efficient biofiltration and bacteria cultivation
  • Moderate thickness for good oxygen circulation and low risk of clogging
  • Easy to cut, replace, and install for any pond filtration system
  • Highly resistant against UV rays
Spiral filter mat applications

Best Filter Matting for Marine Aquarium

One of the most pressing concerns we get from aquaria users is always with regards to their filtration systems. Investing in the right filtration tools for your aquarium is essential to ensure that you provide the best and healthiest living environment for your fish. High-quality bulk filter foams will help you address such concerns and solve your filtration dilemma. Our pond filter mats, foams, and sponges are designed to offer great filtration with speed and efficiency as our main goal. We create filter foams and sponges that feature better biological adhesives making them the perfect filtration partners for your aquarium.

Other Marine Aquarium Supplies for Your Filtration Systems

Being one of the top filter foam manufacturers, we also feature other great products that are
useful in the filtration of your aquarium. These additional pond filter supplies are designed to offer
different functions in the filtration system. Some of them include:

Our ceramic filter media is designed to offer guaranteed absorption of 80% of the water in the aquarium for better filtration.

Our activated carbon features a superior absorption capacity to remove chemicals and odors that may affect your aquatic life.

Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Filter Mat & Foam for Marine Aquariums

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    Easy Maintenance

    Our filter mats and foams are easy to clean and maintain, making them the best and most convenient option for specific markets.

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    Clearer Aquarium Filtration

    The high filtration capabilities and durable manufacturing of our filter mats and foams produce cleaner water output and clearer marine aquarium.

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    Optimized Design

    Our talented R&D team produces these filter mats and foams with the optimal design ideas in mind for maximum efficiency with each use.

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    Better Pollutant Removal

    The patented spiral 3D structure of the filter mats makes them more efficient in drawing out pollutants from the water stream, resulting in cleaner aquariums.

Reliable Filter Mat & Foam Manufacturer For Marine Aquarium

Filter mats and foams made by Mountain Tree are safe and highly flexible alternative filter media options for standard brush and ceramic filters. Our filter mats and foams use the finest raw materials and patented processing equipment, ensuring that each product lasts longer, filter better, and more competitively-priced than its peers.

Warranty coverage and responsive aftersales support are included on every product, with replacements available within 24 hours. Enjoy wholesale pricing on our filter mats and foams. If you’d like help with a bulk order or have any questions about our marine aquarium filter mat & foam, contact us today!

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Favorable Price

    Not only leading in material quality and filtration effectiveness, but we also offer our filter mats and foams at favorable wholesale pricing.

  • Well Stocked Warehouse

    We stock a wide variety of filter mat and foam products that are working well in tandem with any selection of internal and external filters.

  • Qualified Professionals

    Our production facility is proudly packed with highly-skilled professionals, from our R&D team to our engineers and support team. This makes sure you get the best, from production to aftersales.