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Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's UV Sterilizers for Ponds

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    Fast Installation

    It only takes 3 seconds for users to install the 20W/40W UV sterilizers, with a fixed bracket or a stone tied to the bottom to keep them vertical in the water.

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    Long Service Life

    Easy to maintain, the UV lamp can work for as long as 8000 hours. The uniquely designed bulb with a screw socket can be replaced easily.

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    Safe to Use

    Our UV sterilizers are equipped with an external ballast to stabilize the voltage. The light changes from green to red if the short circuit occurs.

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    CE Compliant Product

    Having been certified by the CE and UL tests, our UV sterilizers are safe to use and can quickly and efficiently kill 99.9% of bacteria and harmful algae.

20W/40W UV Sterilizer

  • High efficiency to eliminating algae bloom
  • Ideal option to control harmful parasites and bacteria
  • Prevent waterborne pathogens for healthier aquatic environment
  • Service life no less than 8000 hours

Reliable UV Sterilizer Manufacturer For Pond in China

Mountain Tree UV sterilizers provide an efficient solution for removing algae bloom within any filtration system. UV rays our sterilizers emit can also eliminate harmful parasites, bacteria, and other microbes that can affect the health of any fish, plants, and other aquatic creatures.

We create our quality UV sterilizers with a strict quality control management system to comply with RoHS, CE, UL standards. Mountain Tree can fulfill high volume orders with a short lead-time while ensuring the performance of our products. Call our sales team today!

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Consistent Quality

    We have a strict quality control process that consists of thorough inspections throughout production and before shipment. You can improve rapport with your customers thanks to our consistent quality.

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Our UV sterilizers come with warranty coverage and responsive aftersales support, with replacements available within 1 years. If there is any quality issue, we can replace them free when they are in normal use.

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    To help you engage with your customers, we create videos, photos, and three articles per month of marketing content. We make the theme of the content creative & effective and related to the technology and actual product that are based on your distributing needs.