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Flexible Solutions to Suit Different Market Needs

We offer professional consultation that will identify the most appropriate solutions to your concerns. Our ability to come up with flexible solutions involves customizing specifications, shapes, formulas, packaging and POP sales products. The solutions we provide minimize costs and help you maximize profits.

  • Specification
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Formula
  • Filtration Effect
  • Packaging
  • POP Material

Professional Consultation

You can talk to us about your desired filtration effect as you submit your requirements to us via email. Consult us on various usage scenarios, like ponds, freshwater or marine aquariums and we will plan out how your filtration system will work.

Pre-sales advice can also be dispensed to help you deliver your products better to your market.


Customized Solution

Thanks to our R&D department, we can provide OEM products that satisfy your requirements on filtration effects, and are also patented and cannot be replicated anywhere else.

With our capacity to deliver effective filtration systems, you can increase your profit from selling our products and have better control over the market.


Fast Prototype

Rapid prototyping is necessary for you to prepare for the mass-production of our high-end custom filters and accessories.

Our design team forms an exact design based on your requirements that are made into 3D-printed CAD drawings. We can release a large volume of products that are ready for testing.



In our quotation process, we list down the prices of all materials and product requirements, including design details, packaging and quantity. Our quotes will give you a sense of how much you will spend on our product line.

Advanced Manufacturing

All of our developments have been focused on our professional formula, surface area and filtration efficiency and combine chemistry, biology and machinery to sterilize ponds.

Utilizing physical brush filtering and biological filtration, our advanced filtering system is an eco-friendly solution that ensures maintenance costs and power usage are minimized.


Fast Delivery

We strictly adhere to agreed schedules in each phase of manufacturing. We make sure that we deliver the products on time and in full based on the set date.

It will take no more than 15 days from receipt of your order to delivery. With our large inventory of products in stock, we are able to make fast delivery of any quantities you need.