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You Meet Filtration Challenges,
You Meet Mountain Tree

Each day we strive to make our long-lasting nontoxic products with maximized filtration effects for a healthy ecosystem for ponds & aquariums. This would not be possible without our unmatched R&D capability, filtration science and passion for quality in everything we do.

Behind each and every one of Mountain Tree's products, there is a team of scientists, engineers, designers, regulatory specialists and consumer care representatives dedicated to earning our consumers’ trust with safe products of the highest quality: at Mountain Tree, safety and quality are non-negotiable.


Larger Specific Surface Area
for Maximized Filtration Effect

Surpassing our competitors' packing that just falls between 800 and 100m2/liter, the specific surface area for our products reach as high as 4300m2/liter.

The ample surface area allows the nitrifying bacteria to colonize and thrive, resulting in better performance in dealing with harmful nitrate and nitrite and a faster filtration effect within the same structure.


Longer Service Life with
Better Performance

The old-style black brushes, with poor quality, could only be used for half of year when they were introduced to the market.

To improve this situation, we have refitted them for domestic customers. At present, our brushes can be used for up to 3-5 years.

Moreover, we use GB 304 AND 316 stainless steel and have upgraded the steel cores of the central reel from two wires to four to ensure that the brush has strong corrosion resistance and load-bearing performance.


Richer Mineral Elements & Far-Infrared Rays
to Make Water Alive

Unlike the general products on the market, our filter media releases rich mineral elements such as Na, Mg, Ca, and Sr. This helps boost coral growth and promote water ecological balance.

Additionally, our filter media emits far-infrared rays and negative ions at the rate of up to 400 pcs/cm3, which kills pathogenic bacteria and improves microbes' metabolism.

Our Certifications

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