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Our History

Carrying on the mission of providing a healthier pond and aquarium environment, we're always finding w ays to set us apart.

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    We actively participated in all kinds of koi contests, such as All-Japan Contest, Thailand Koi Contest, Malaysia’s Asian Koi Contest and All-Indonesia Koi Contest, as well as CIPS.

    Our Intelligent monitoring projects won technology innovation awards.

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    Assisting our European distributor in participating in Interzoo in Germany, we successfully enlarged our European market shares through our unique patented design of the exhibited products.

    Mountain Tree’s 10th Anniversary Gala was held in Guangzhou and Foshan in September.

    We launched an intelligent water quality monitoring system to solve the challenges of the industry.

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    We took part in the Socal Koi Show and the Global Pet Expo, and applied our products to the Barstow Koi Farm.
    At CIPS, in November, we were the equipment sponsors of the catfish and seascape competitions.

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    We participated in the world’s most famous all-Koi competition.

    In November, Mountain Tree was invited to CIPS to interpret the functions of our filtering system.

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    We were chosen in the top ten most loved brands for aquariums by consumers.

    We proposed our ecological filtration system to define the core value of the aquarium in the future.

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    Our patented skimmer was very popular among customers.

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    We enriched the product categories and gained more patent certifications.

    Our domestic distribution network and foreign exports were accelerated. And even customers from Peru came on site and ordered the goods with cash.

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    We produced innovative UV sterilizers and nitro rings with higher filtration efficiency for aquariums.

    We won the title of being one of China’s top ten innovative enterprises in the aquarium industry.

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    Our patented spiral filter mat was launched.

    We manufactured different products for fisheries and other projects, and gradually established a domestic dealer network.

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    The spiral bacterial house was launched and patented.

    Our brands were recognized, and our share of exports to Europe and Australia was increased.

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    We participated in the CIPS and China Koi Contest for the first time.

    Our star filter brush, the first patented product, made a great impact on the market.

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    Mountain Tree was established in Guangzhou, China.