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Established in 2008, Mountain Tree is one of the most recognized manufacturers of wholesale pond filter brushes in China. Our fish pond filter brushes are made of plastic bristles and stainless steel wire that are attached together. These products are used to clean filtration systems in domestic and commercial fish ponds, aquariums, hatcheries, and fish farms here in China and overseas. The design of our brushes for ponds makes them easy-to-use, cost-effective, and reliable to use for many years.

In addition to our wholesale filter brushes for ponds, we offer state-of-the-art filtration solutions as well as high-end filter media, and a range of pump accessories.

Star Filter Brush

  • Innovative plastic material for better last ability of five years
  • Superior shape retention to make the brush hard to deform
  • Six-pointed star filaments for efficient filtration capabilities than normal brushes
  • Easy to install and maintain with open hook head

Spawning Brush

  • Soft but malleable filaments that are safe for fish eggs
  • Allows in 1 or 2 loops for easy installation and maintenance
  • Modest density for maximizing the survival rate of fish spawn & eggs
  • Special structure for more oxygen and nutrients needed for egg growth

Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Brushes for Ponds

Mountain Tree’s pond brush is ideal for both biological and mechanical filtrations. It is used as part of the cleaning process of filtration systems and works as a filter to capture solid particles as water passes through it. At the same time, it provides enough surface area for helpful bacteria to thrive and colonize.

Cleaning the pond brush is easy. Simply remove it from the filter and shake it out. Remember not to use tap water when rinsing it as this will reduce or get rid of the helpful bacteria thriving in the brush.

Pond filter brushes are effective in filtering out solids from the water while maintaining a healthy environment for nitrifying bacteria to colonize and survive. Their design makes them lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, more cost-effective compared to other materials, and more reliable in doing an excellent job. Other notable benefits of our brushes for ponds are:

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    Complete Range

    Our full range of brushes helps you meet different market needs. Star filter brushes are ideal for physical filtration or water purification, and spawning brushes are used for taking care of fish eggs.

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    Eco-Friendly Material

    We incorporate nontoxic EU RoHS-certified plastic and stainless steel materials into our brushes, making them safe for aquatic life within the pond and surrounding environment.

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    Durable Use

    By utilizing 304/316 stainless steel material that includes 2 to 4 wires at its core, our brushes have better corrosion resistance and load-bearing performance.

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    Easy Installation

    The open hook head makes our star filter brushes easy to install, and spawning brushes allow for 1 or 2 loops for easy installation and maintenance.

Reliable Brush Manufacturer For Pond

Mountain Tree Filter brushes provide an efficient mechanical filtration process to remove dirt coarse and small particles. We also have spawning brushes for breeding fishes. Filaments of our brushes are durable and have a good shape retention property. Our brushes for ponds also have a service life of 5 years, 10 times longer than competing products.

Our brushes for ponds are certified to meet export requirements around the globe. The performance and durability of our brushes for ponds can make you stand out in your target markets.

Want to source pond filter brushes for your wholesale business? Browse and get a quote today!

We offer two types of our wholesale pond filter brushes, both of which have their unique features:

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Reliable Quality

    Mountain tree has a dedicated production quality department that regularly inspects the production of our brushes, ensuring consistent quality and performance on all of your orders.

  • Deep Expertise

    We have a team of experienced staff who can provide pre-sales consultation and technical support who can ensure our brush filter for ponds attract your target demographic.

  • 1- to 5-year warranty

    Our brushes for ponds are built to last for five years longer than competing products. We provide a 1- to 5-year warranty to give you an ease of mind of our products’ superior lifespan.

  • Short Lead Time

    We assure you that it will only take 14 days from the receipt of your order for you to receive your filter brushes for ponds. Contact us and request a quote today!