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  • IMG 7938 15W UV Sterilizer
  • UV sterilizer
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  • IMG 7938 15W UV Sterilizer
  • UV sterilizer
  • UV-light2-580.jpg

15W UV Sterilizer

Mountain Tree UV sterilizer is most suitable to use in the clear water chamber, which has high efficiency eliminating algae bloom in your filter system to lower drug or chemical use. It is an ideal option to control harmful parasites and bacteria instantly and mainly to prevent waterborne pathogens for a healthier aquatic environment.

Unlike 20W/40W UV Sterilizer, The 15W UV Sterilizer doesn't have the floating board. The ballast is incorporated together with the plug.


  • Equipped with Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Can be recycle use with replaceable lamp
  • Equipped with external socket
  • 15Watt, 20Watt, 40Watt, are Available


Matters need attention

What I should pay attention to when I use this product?

1 When using, please submerge the Mountain Tree UV Sterilizer completely in water. Avoid prolonged direct eye contact with the working UV sterilizer.

2 Ballast needs to be wrapped with waterproof protective material to avoid direct use in a humid environment. Prohibit soaking in water.

3 To be used within the specified voltage range (for example: 110V or 220v). If the voltage is unstable, please add a voltage regulator to ensure the normal use of the appliance.

4 Maintenance: regularly turn off the power, and wipe off the surface of the stains on the UV tube with a cloth.

5 Replacement: Replace the UV tube with a new one after 12 months of use according to the correct method.

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