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Maifan Ring

The patented oblique section structure diverts water and oxygen flows to every corner of the media to aid in bacterial development.

It releases K, Fe, Na, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, and other minerals to benefit aquatic life.


  • Patented Oblique Section Structure
  • Rich Minerals
  • Packed in 4 strings of neckalaces
  • 500 sqm per liter surface area
  • purifying water

Features of Maifan Ring Product

Mountain Tree Mineral Ring are porous ceramic bio ring, providing a greater air surface for bacteria development and help decompose ammonia and nitrate efficiently. Biological media provide habitat for beneficial bacteria, so they can efficiently break down nitrogenous toxins such as ammonia into less harmful compounds.

Rich minerals

Mineral Ring is stinted from varies of natural mineral and contains a variety of natural mineral ingredients and alumina which will boost health and growth to your aquatics.

Oblique section structure

Oblique section structure helps to culture nitrobacteria by supplying with enough water and oxygen. The hollow design effectively distributes water flow and allows massive colonies of beneficial bacteria to grow on and inside each ring

Packed in 4 strings of necklaces

Makes it easy to install and maintain

Positioned in canister filter

Can be easily placed inside canister filter or other all-in-one filter system


Article Article No. Size/Packing Package Size G.W/CTN
Maifan Ring 1L MTF214 16x13MM
32.5×27.5x23CM 10kg
Maifan Ring 18L MTF216 16x13MM
30x30x20CM 11kg


Matters need attention

What I should pay attention to when I use this product?

1 Rinse the surface of the ceramic rings briefly with water before use. When this product is used in the bakki shower system, it is recommended to add spiral filter mat to the top of the product, which can ensure balanced water flow and reduce the impact of water flow to prolong the durability of the product.

2 Please avoid direct exposure under UV light.

3 Maintenance: Use clear water or water from the tank/pond to gently flush surface of the product. Do not use water nozzle to clean.

4 Replacement: Depending on the specific use, it is recommended to replace it in 2 years to achieve the best filtering results.

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