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China aquatic industry development in 2022


American psychologist Maslow divided human needs into two categories: the first category is the low-level needs, that is, survival needs or material needs; the other category is the needs in the higher sense, that is, spiritual needs. With the improvement of material living standards, people have a higher demand for spiritual and cultural enjoyment. The development of the aquatic industry is in line with this change of the times.

The booming development of the aquatic industry has led to the development of a series of industrial chains. Among them, the aquatic supplies market has been developing rapidly in recent years. Today, we will take aquatic supplies as an example to a comprehensive analysis of China’s aquatic industry in 2022 and see what are the development trends.

1 Diverse brand, each with its own characteristics

According to the relevant expert estimates, the ornamental fish can drive about ten times the value of equipment, feed, fish medicine, aquatic plant cultivation, aquaculture equipment, landscape technology, and other supporting development. The aquatic industry chain is long, and the added value of the product is naturally high. Therefore, a variety of aquarium brands will emerge like mushrooms after rain.

The Mountain Tree team is introducing the drum filter to visitors at CIPS 2020

For example, there are Sunsun, Boyu, and Hailea, etc. for tank equipment; Hikari, Uni-president for feed; Mountain Tree, Osaces, etc. for filter media. Each brand has a different positioning and direction for its market segment. Each of them has their own research, playing to the strengths of their products and establishing advantages in their own field.

With the prevalence of aquarium exhibitions and events in recent years, aquarium brands have more platforms to show themselves, and aquatic enthusiasts and practitioners have more opportunities to discuss and communicate with each other. In addition to some well-known brands, unlimited new brands are also active in the aquarium industry through major platforms, seeking to open up awareness and bring new “go viral among non-fans” opportunities. These brands are helping the industry’s diversified development, showing the strong comprehensive strength of the Chinese aquatic industry market.

Numerous visitors at CIPS 2020

The development of the industry cannot be separated from the healthy competition in the industry. Without brand diversity, there is no prosperity and development in the industry. In the next 5-10 years, aquatic supplies will be one of the fastest-growing markets within the aquatic industry.

2 Sales is growing, the market is vast

With the development of the world economy and the accelerated pace of integration, the global ornamental fish trade is also growing significantly. According to relevant information, the world ornamental fish industry is currently growing at a rapid rate of 10% per year. Although the development of China’s aquatic industry just started in recent decades, it contains a huge market development potential.

According to statistics, the market size of urban pet consumption in 2021 reached 249 billion yuan, an increase of 20.6% compared to 2020. Compared to 2021, China’s total economic growth of 8.1% year-on-year, the most representative aquarium industry market size growth rate to far exceed China’s total economic growth, belonging to a veritable high-growth industry.

In addition to the expansion of the market size, the pet-owning population is also growing steadily and undergoing profound changes: there will be 68.99 million urban pet owners in 2021, an increase of 8.7% over 2020. Among them, compared with 2020, the income level of the pet-owning population is significantly higher; nearly 90% of pet owners have a specialist degree or higher; 46.3% of pet owners were born after 1990, of which 23.4% are post-90s and 22.9% are post-95s. Therefore, low age, high knowledge and high income will become the three major changing trends of pet owners.

According to Alibaba Group’s e-commerce platform Taobao (including Tmall) statistics show that in January-February 2022, the search on the pet channel, “fish tank” and “ornamental fish” occupied the third and seventh place in the search list. Compared to the past state that cats, and dogs dominate the top ten range, the aquatic search terms on the list also indicates that the aquatic industry has gradually penetrated the public groups.

3 Intelligent technology leads the future

The epidemic has had a huge impact on the global economy since 2019, sending many industries backward. However, as seen from the statistics, the aquarium industry is still growing steadily. The impact of the epidemic is to stimulate the industry products for automation and intelligent development changes.

The current aquatic industry has emerged the intelligent aquatic products featured by monitoring, automation and integration.

Intelligent monitoring products include intelligent WIFI thermometers, intelligent cameras, intelligent water quality monitoring systems and so on, so that hobbyists can monitor the fish pond in real-time through cell phones and other intelligent products to avoid some accidents due to long hours away.

Mountain Tree Intelligent Water Monitor System

Automated aquarium products include intelligent water refill, feeder, inverter intelligent heating rod and other products, which greatly free the hands of aquatic lovers and improve the safety of breeding. It is believed that in 2022, more automated products will also appear one after another, developing in the direction of refinement and providing more convenience for our aquatic life.

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