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Best Carbon Filter for Aquarium 2022


In feng shui, raising fish at home means the household invites prosperity, harmony, and abundance to the home. So, all you have to do is buy some fish and an aquarium, let them into the water and start feeding them.

Well, if only raising fish was that easy.

The fishes we raise at home in aquariums or ponds are freshwater fishes, which require quite the maintenance for them to live longer and healthier.

Since they are prone to even the slightest disturbance in hygiene, owners are advised to buy several components along with the aquarium. We commonly see these components in every fish tank, plants such as ferns, and several equipments such as water filter media and substances such as aquarium activated carbon bulk.

Carbon Filter for Aquariums

Carbon filters are the black sand-like substances we see lying at the end of ponds and aquariums. The purpose of them is to filter the water from dirt.

How exactly do carbon filters help in filtering the aquarium?

Simple, through the process called adsorption. Contaminants present in the water that managed to escape from the bio filter media are attracted to the carbon substrate present at the bottom. 

The definition explains why carbon filter aquariums are getting popular nowadays.

But choosing the right one is usually confusing, so here are some of the best carbon filters you can use in your aquariums:

  1. Mountain Tree Coconut Carbon Filter
  2. Foodie Puppies Fish Tank Activated Carbon Filter
  3. COLOURFUL – Activated Carbon Filter
  4. Fish Tank’s Activated Carbon Blocks
  5. Generic Carbon Foam Filter Pads
  6. Shehri Kissan The Urban Farmers Activated Carbon
  7. WATER CLINIC Granulated Activated Carbon

Best Carbon Filters for Aquariums

Mountain Tree Coconut Carbon Filter

Coconut Carbon
Source: Mountain Tree

Brand of Product: Mountain Tree

Product Type: Coconut carbon in the form of tiny rocks.

Mountain Tree’s carbon filter aquarium is good at removing pollutants from both water and the air. Bamboo and coconut carbon are the two types of carbon filters available.

Bamboo carbon is very effective at capturing dirt particles and removing discoloration from water. Chlorine and chloramines, which are detrimental to fish, are also removed from the water by the powerful carbon.

Mountain Tree Coconut Carbon absorbs chemicals and odors such as organic compounds, total organics (such as DOC, TOC), pesticides, detergents, suspended particles, chlorine, and other conventional granular activated carbon substances that cannot be efficiently removed.

The activated charcoal has been adequately cleaned to eliminate as much trapped ash as possible, allowing it to absorb contaminants in the water more effectively. Every aquarium needs to provide a healthy and sustainable environment for fish and other aquatic organisms, which we can do with our aquarium charcoal filter.

Because the activated carbon is made after various cleaning procedures, it simply needs a gentle rinse before being added to the aquarium.

Why Should You Buy:

  • Chemical filter media that is safe for fish and water
  • More carbon, less dust, natural raw material
  • Removes odors, colors, and organic impurities from the water, as well as harmful substances and pharmaceuticals from the fish tank.
  • There are no additives, and the pore structure is substantially developed.
  • Mountain Tree carbon is very porous, allowing for a wide surface area for impurity adsorption.

Foodie Puppies Fish Tank Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter
Source: Foodie Puppies

Brand of Product: Foodie Puppies

Product Type: activated carbon filter in the form of cylindrical structures.

Mountain rocks are used to make the activated carbon given by Foodie puppies. This carbon filter serves its role because the insertion of carbon filters is required to maintain the aquarium’s hygiene standard.

Also, because this carbon filter is in the form of discrete cylindrical structures, you can just place them on the tank’s floor and wait for them to work.

Why Should You Buy:

  • The carbon filter removes odors while also detoxifying dangerous metals.
  • It can be utilized in any RO model, including gravity RO.
  • The water is disinfected and softened.
  • Chemical residues and substances are adsorbed.
  • Allows for the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Activated Carbon Filter


Brand of Product: COLOURFUL

Product Type: activated carbon filter in the form of cylindrical structures.

COLOURFUL’s activated carbon cylinder structures perform an excellent job of keeping the aquarium clean and odor-free.

The water in a fish aquarium needs cleaning pretty frequently. The debris comes from the air most of the time. Though it happens infrequently, the particles from the air can have detrimental effects on the aquarium’s atmosphere, making it smell horrible and eventually triggering diseases in the species that live there.

These carbon filters are put to aquariums to avoid such adverse consequences. They are easy to lay on the floor because of their cylindrical construction.

Why Should You Buy:

  • The carbon filter eliminates smells.
  • It removes toxic metals from the body.
  • The water is filtered and softened.
  • Chemical remnants and components are adsorbed.
  • Stimulates the detoxification of water.

Source: Fish Tank’s Activated Carbon Blocks

Source: Fish Tank’s Activated Carbon Blocks

Brand of Product: Fish Tank

Product Type: Cylindrical Activated Carbon Blocks

Carbon blocks for fish tanks are slightly larger, measuring 7cm × 1.4 cm. These blocks are robust and well-designed to maintain the fish tank clean and clear.

Before adding these blocks to the aquarium, the owner should thoroughly clean the tank. Also, the carbon blocks should be well washed in water before being placed on the water tank’s floor.

Why Should You Buy:

  • They come in a relatively larger size.
  • Safe for fishes.
  • They are effective at adsorbing heavy material ions as well as dangerous microorganisms.
  • Increases the surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Generic Carbon Foam Filter Pads

Generic Carbon Foam Filter Pads

Brand of Product: Generic

Product Type: activated carbon in the form of foam pads.

Until now, all of our recommendations seemed to be in the form of rocks or cylindrical structure, out of all Generic’s activated comes in a rather unique form, that is in the form of foam pads. 

Since these carbon bio foam aquarium come at a specifically smaller size, all you will have to do is place them neatly on the floor. You can put any plants or accessories on of the foams.

Why Should You Buy:

  • These carbon aquarium filter foam bulk are designed explicitly for Juwel tanks.
  • Aids in the removal of bacteria that create stench in the tanks.
  • The suds are of the best quality.
  • Fastens up the process of adsorption.

Shehri Kissan The Urban Farmers Activated Carbon

Source: Shehri Kissan

Brand of Product: Shehri Kissan The Urban Farmers

Product Type: Pure Activated Carbon Rocks 

Sheri kissan, the urban farmers’ activated carbon, comes in the form of rocks. Apart from their utility as a water aquarium filter media bulk, these rocks have a natural appearance, so placing them on the floor not only protects the water from impurities but also adds an aesthetic look.

In addition, the natural shape of rocks maximizes surface area and adsorption. All you have to do now is thoroughly cleanse the carbon media before inserting it into the tank.

Why Should You Buy:

  • These carbon rocks are reasonably priced.
  • Toxic chemicals are removed from the fish tank.
  • They control the growth of beneficial bacteria.

WATER CLINIC Granulated Activated Carbon


Waterclinic’s activated carbon is delivered in the form of minute granules. These can be spread directly on the ground or mixed with soil.

The majority of aquarium plants are soil-grown. Mixing granulated activated carbon with the soil not only improves the water environment but it also helps the plants develop faster.

Make sure to rinse the carbon medium in water before using it thoroughly. This substrate can be used in both the outer and sump filters.

Why Should You Buy:

  • Aquarium Activated carbon bulk from the Water Clinic is cost-effective.
  • A natural biofilter medium is provided.
  • Designed to enhance the amount of surface area available for nitrifying bacteria to live on.


When it comes to fish aquariums, every component is required to keep the tank and the creatures that live inside it clean. We hope you now have a better idea of why carbon filters are so important in your tanks.

You can go to MountainTree if you want to buy carbon filters in bulk at a reasonable price.

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