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Best Aquarium Filter Media: Top 5 Manufacturers You Should Know


One of the most key choices customers need to take when trying to keep up with their aquarium’s upkeep is choosing the right filter media. Filter media plays an important part in keeping our aquariums fresh and clear of extra elements like nitrate, ammonia, and phosphate. 

Suppliers are generating more and more filtration media effective of eliminating these bothersome nutrients as the concentration on nutrient outflow grows. With so many amazing filter media choices on the market, choosing which one to choose can be difficult for your business and eventually your customers. 

To make it easy for you we have listed the top water filter media supplier you must know. 

Mountain Tree

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Source: Mountain Tree

Mountain Tree is one of China’s most trustworthy wholesale aquarium filter suppliers. Most aquariums and fish tanks can suit the ceramic filter media for freshwater aquariums the company offers. They’re forged at high temperatures to assure endurance and reliability while also reducing the possibility of eroding and getting flaky. 

Mountain Tree ceramic filters are constructed with the highest-quality raw materials, resulting in an extended lifespan and reduced debris. As a top aquarium filter manufacturer, we use the latest innovative production techniques and strict quality control to create our ceramic filter media. We also offer optimum filtration options for ponds, marine aquariums, and customized options in addition to our aquarium filter media bulk.

Products and Services Offered:

Aquatic Experts

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Source: Aquatic Experts

Keeping an aquarium with actual species is a fun and fulfilling hobby. When you employ the correct equipment, you can create a reef aquarium. Finding the correct equipment, on the other hand, might be a difficult undertaking. 

Aquarium hobbyists must wade through a plethora of items in the hopes of discovering the ideal ones for their requirements. If you’re like most hobbyists, you’ve purchased items for your aquariums that haven’t met your standards. You end up squandering your hard-earned cash when you could have spent it on essential gear or, better yet, on those fascinating species or reefs. 

Aquatic Experts understand the concern because the company had to dig through the same heaps of aquarium equipment before and still do. They want to share their experience by providing high-quality aquatic products so that everyone can be a productive enthusiast. Their experience, combined with their dedication to providing exceptional customer service, has resulted in a large number of satisfied partners to have aquarium filter foam bulk.


Marineland logo
Source: Marineland

Better water and healthy fish come from a well-maintained aquarium filter and you can do it for your business from a good aquarium filter manufacturers. To maintain your water fresh and odor-free, you will have to change your filtration unit and do a 25% water replacement almost every month. That advantage for Marineland Aquarium Solutions was identifying the cutting line of innovative product innovation and providing exceptional client support.


Seachem logo
Source: Seachem

The experienced enthusiast creates the ideal customer, according to Seachem’s concept. This is evident in robust and dependable customer information and services, as well as scientifically and performance-proven products. 

Seachem has evolved quickly into a national and worldwide company, yet it nevertheless maintains a small-business mentality and is constantly approachable to its clients. Addressing old issues in a fresh way is what creativity entails. The company does not just repurpose existing concepts, and they don’t bundle new concepts that need the suspension of basic fundamental or chemistry concepts. 

They deliver genuinely creative solutions that outperform competitors while also saving money due to enhanced accuracy and emphasis. Seachem’s products have always been and will remain to be science-based.


API logo
Source: API

Filtration is among the most essential things to think about when setting up an aquarium or pond because a proper filter would maintain your water fresh, pure, and safe for your fish. API has filters, media, and parts are available in a variety of sizes and varieties to suit various aquarium and pond requirements.

Types of Aquarium Filter Media

Types of Aquarium Filter Media
Source: Pinterest

Aquarium filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You must also be familiar with the many types of aquarium filters in order to determine which filter material is appropriate for you.

However, unlike filter media, no single kind of filter is ideal for all situations and persons. Though all of them manage to contain helpful bacteria that turn ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate.

Sponge Filters

A sponge filter is one of the basic aquarium filters offered, if not the cheapest. It’s just a sponge placed over an upward tube. However, since it is so basic and has no functioning components within itself, it will require the use of an air pump to operate. With an airline connected to the elevation tube, a mild flow is created that draws aquarium water into the sponge, where good bacteria can convert the ammonia to nitrite and, eventually, nitrate.

Fish breeders prefer sponge filters since the moderate circulation prevents any fry from being dragged into a strong filter. They’re also well-known aquarium enthusiasts with large fish rooms and several aquariums. This is due to sponge filters being inexpensive, simple to maintain, having no operating parts, and a huge number of them can be powered by a single, strong air pump.

Box Filters

A box filter is comparable to a sponge filter in that it has no internal functioning components and relies on an external air pump to flow water through the filter medium. The main distinction is that a box filter features a clear plastic box within which can have filter media installed. 

As a result, you’ll have to make a decision on this one. For mechanical filtration, your customers use filter floss, backed by anything small and with a big surface area for biological filtration.

Hang On Back Filters

Hang-on-back filters are quite prevalent and for good reason. They’re great since they’re energy filters, which means they have their independent motor, and they’re very simple to maintain since they hang on the back of the tank. They’re also often less expensive than a quality canister filter. HOB filters, on the other hand, frequently come with inadequate supplier info. 

Canister Filters

If you are curious what the best aquarium filter media is, this is most likely the kind of filter you have. And besides, canister filters are essentially more than big, closed filter media sections with a pump to push the water throughout.

In actuality, many canister filters don’t come with any filter material pre-installed from directly the supplier. 

Since one can’t see inside a canister filter, media blockage and how frequently you wish to maintain it should be top of mind. You may want to use a sequence of foams that increase in density to manually filter out the bulk of the sludge before adding the biological media, based on how filthy the fishes are.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Filter Media

The purchasing of an aquarium filter is the very first step in constructing a powerful filtration solution for your aquarium. Since they are very efficient, come in bigger capacities, and can be kept exterior to the aquarium, canister filters are among the most preferred choices. 

In many instances, power filters are a more cost-effective solution, although they occupy up area hung at the end of the aquarium. Whichever filter you pick, make sure you get the right filter material for it.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to aquarium filter media:

  • Mechanical filter media is used to eliminate solid sludge from the water stream; sponges are the most frequent type, but mesh or ceramic rings can also be used.
  • Chemical media, such as zeolite and activated carbon, aid in the removal of soluble pollutants and poisons like ammonia.
  • Biological filtration is growing a population of helpful bacteria to keep the nitrogen cycle in your aquarium running smoothly; biological filter media provides the bacteria with a contact surface to thrive on.
  • Some kinds of aquarium filters need specific media, such as cartridges, whereas canister filters can be loaded with free media such as bio balls.
  • Aquarium filter media must be changed on a regular basis to ensure that you get the most out of it; follow the supplier’s recommendations to determine when this should be done.

The Bottom Line

It’s critical to choose the correct bulk aquarium filter media for your aquarium, yet it is not a choice to make once and forget about. You should change the media in your filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which is usually every three to six weeks. 

Purchasing filter media in bulk saves money for your business and eventually for your customers and ensures that you have what you need when the time approaches to change it. Mountain Tree manufactures filter brushes, filter pads for ponds, carbon filter fish tank and all filter solutions. 

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