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Cleaning Brush

The Mountain Tree cleaning brush is used for cleaning filter pipes and aquariums. It is made of high-quality, eco-friendly material. The black overcoat makes it more durable.


  • Can be shifted back and forth easily in curvy pipes
  • Strong stainless steel core, more durable. High polymer, safe & durable
  • The black overcoat keeps the string clean from dirt.

Features of Cleaning Brush Product

Used for cleaning filter pipes and aquariums.

Made of high-quality, eco-friendly material

Black overcoate makes it more durable

Diverse Applications


Article Article No. Size/Packing Package Size G.W/CTN
Cleaning brush 60cm(one end brush) MT119060 Single Brush Dia 25mm, L60cm
79x24x20cm 4.2kg
Cleaning brush 150cm(double ends brush) MT119150 Double brush dia 25mm&13mm, L150cm, 1PC/bag, 100bags/CTN 88x24x20cm 9kg

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