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What Is the Best Filtration System for a Koi Pond?


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Owning a Koi pond is one of the most beautiful things you can do for your backyard landscape. They add a nice touch to the environment around items of plants that follow up the pond and the beautiful array of colors that are displayed by the koi fish. But here’s a little problem, the maintenance work involved in setting up a koi pond filtering systems is not for the faint-hearted. The fish are sensitive and require a clean environment for them to survive; this means you have to get the right filtration system to pull this off. The following are some options you can try using.

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Oase BioSMart Koi Filter

Oase BioSmart Koi Filter

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This is a very effective filtration system that can handle between 5000 and 10,000 gallons of water; that’s a pretty huge pond that can accommodate a good number of koi fish. This is a non-pressurized system that makes use of both biological and mechanical filtration processes. It is made of a number of bio media filters that provide the surface for beneficial bacteria to latch on and multiply. It also has a sludge drain, and an indicator built in that informs the owner of how much dirt has accumulated in the drains for removal.


Uses both mechanical and biological filtration

It has a sludge drain

Can handle huge capacity ponds


Lacks chemical filtration

Installation is complicated

iMountainTree UV Sterilizer

Mountain Tree Koi pond UV Sterilizer

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This is one of the most effective UV sterilizers you’ll ever come across in the market, and it is built to deal with all sizes of ponds. Running on the power consumption of between 20W and 40W, this chemical filtration agent can be placed at the bottom of the pond and has a lifespan of about 8000 working hours before you start thinking of getting a replacement. One notable feature of the UV light for koi pond is that it is perfectly harmless to the koi fish and only works against harmful bacteria and other unwanted organisms like algae growth.


Long lifespan

Safe for the fish

Quick installation

CEC compliant


It uses a lot of power

GoPlus Pressure Bio Filter

GoPlus Pressure Bio Filter

Source: Amazon

This is a budget-friendly pond bio filter that can handle pond sizes of 4,000 gallons. It is one of the most versatile types of koi pond filtration options that make use of all three filtration processes. The GoPlus is a pressurized system whose chemical filtration side consumes about 13W of power, which is the ideal installation you want if you have a pond with slow-moving to stagnant water.

The installation process of this pond water filter is pretty straight forward, and it is something that you can do on your own without any help by simply following the guide.


Uses chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration

Low power consumption

Ideal for small ponds


Easy installation


The quality is suspect

Poor oxygenation capabilities

No warranty

Bubble Bead Filter XS-1000

Full image of a Bubble Bead Filter XS-1000

Source: Amazon

This is another filtration system that is designed for smaller ponds with a maximum capacity of 1000 gallons. It makes use of both mechanical and biological filtration processes, which is more than enough for such a size of koi fish pond. It comes with a bead filter, which makes the cleaning system easier to handle.

This pond water filter system may be small, but it has the capacity to catch even the smallest of objects that may be as tiny as 50 microns. When used in the right way, it can keep a small pond crystal clear, something that Koi fish really love. The lack of chemical filtration makes it hard for this device to deal with harmful bacteria; you will need to add another way to deal with that threat for this to work.


Simple cleaning

Mechanical filtration is excellent

A wide range of filter options

It comes with a warranty

Good customer care


Lacks UV filtration

Too small even for small ponds


Koi fish are some of the most sensitive fish types around, and when you decide to have them in your pond, you have to be ready to do the work to ensure that the condition of the water is up to the standards required to keep them alive. To learn more on how to go about taking care of your koi fish pond using the best koi pond filter media, visit our website and get all the resources you need to make that a reality.

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