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How to Keep My Pond Water Crystal Clear


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One of the biggest challenges that people who own ponds have to deal with is the constant need to have ponds with crystal clear waters. This doesn’t come on its own, you have to put in work to achieve that, and that comes at a cost. You’ll be required to set up a number of filtration systems, use all kinds of filter media, among many other things. So how exactly do you keep your pond water clear at all times? The following are some of the pointers worth your consideration.

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Avoid Overpopulation

Overcrowded Pond

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The temptation to fill your pond with all kinds of fish may sound like a good idea but you will find maintaining that pond quite a challenge. Some fish types like Koi are very messy; they eat a lot of food, and this translates to a lot of fish excrement; this will require your constant attention every day to ensure that the water doesn’t turn murky. Therefore, you should always keep the fish population within the capacity of the pond. There are many ways you can use to depopulate your pond, you can donate some to another pond, a fishery, or you can have them as dinner once in a while.

Avoid Overfeeding the Fish

Close up image of fish feeding

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The reason why overfeeding the fish is discouraged, besides being dangerous to the fish, is that most of that food goes to waste, sinking to the bottom of the pond where it becomes food for bacteria and algae. Once the algae get this kind of nourishment, they quickly multiply in the water, and this turns the water green, blocking the visibility of the fish while endangering the lives of the animals inside the pond. When feeding fish, make sure you give them just enough. If the pond is big enough with other animals around, feeding should be limited to a few days of the week since the fish can find natural food sources on their own.

Use the Right Equipment

Pond Filter Setup

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There are countless methods of filtration that you can use on the pond to ensure the water stays clear at all times. You have to find the right devices that don’t consume a lot of power, don’t require too much work but are effective enough to get the job done. Do your research well to locate the best pond filter suppliers in your area. Read up on how to maintain ponds the right way and if you happen to have any question that needs clarification, never hesitate to contact pond experts for more directions.

Limit Water Pants

Pond Plants

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Pond plants are very beneficial to the fish. Apart from providing food and acting as bacteria house filter media, they also give shelter and hiding places for the fish, protecting them from predators. However, if the pond is overrun by water plants, you’ll not be able to see much of your fish since they will be hidden from view by floating leaves, and if you have ever seen their sizes, they can grow pretty large. Control the number of plants that brown in the pond and confine them to one area of the pond to give fish more space to move around.

Clear Trees

Pond Trees

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Trees provide good shade during the hot summer season, something that sensitive fish like koi love since they are sensitive to any changes in water temperatures. However, they can also be a menace when planted too close to the pond. Leaves falling into the pond will end up making the water littered, and this will block visibility. If nothing is done about them, the leaves end up rotting, which makes the water even dirtier, providing food for algae and bacteria.

Schedule Cleaning

Pond Cleaning

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Make it a habit to clean the pond at least twice a week using garden pond filters. It may sound like a lot of work, but it is very necessary for the health of the animals and the pond in general. The cleaning can combine all the three filtration processes, with mechanical being the most important one. Use a pond skimmer to get rid of any visible objects that have no business being in the pond. If the pond is too large, you may consider hiring help every week to deal with the cleaning.


A pond with crystal clear waters is a sight to behold. The ability to see the bottom of the pond as clearly as you can is what makes ponds such a good addition to the landscape. Fortunately for pond owners, there are pond filtration solutions for this, and as much as s they vary in effectiveness, you can always look up new ways of getting the job done. Drop by our website to get more information on how to properly maintain your fish pond.

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