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Best Pond Filters in the Market (2021)


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Ponds are an amazing addition to your property; they add an aesthetic touch to the landscape, transforming everything and even adding value to your home. However, they come with their own hurdles, with one of them being the constant maintenance to make sure they are clean and safe for fish and other water animals. To do this, you’ll need pond filters, and the following are some of the best pond filter media in the market right now.

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Laguna Pressure Flo Filter

Laguna Pressure Flo Filter

Source: Amazon

This pond filter material comes with a UV purifier, and this feature alone makes the Laguna Pressure Flo Filter one of the most reliable on this list. It combines mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration processes to make the pond as clean as possible at all times. It features a sealed canister that allows it to be placed near a pond, partially buried under a waterfall, for the best results. As the water moves through the canister, all the debris is caught, with the water continuing through to the next phases of filtration that is biological and chemical.


Supports all types of filtration

Easy maintenance

Supports large and small ponds

It kills algae and traps debris


It disrupts the landscape as it can’t be submerged.

MountainTree UV Sterilizer

Mountain Tree Koi pond UV Sterilizer

Among the many UV sterilizers in the market, there are very few that can hold their ground against the MountainTree UV Sterilizer. It has one of the highest efficiency rates when it comes to eliminating algae blooms from the water, and it pulls this off without causing any harm to the fish or most of the beneficial bacteria. It is built to last, boasting of stainless steel brackets that ensure the UV light bulb is protected against bumps and stones.


Highly effective

Solid construction

Destroys algae blooms

Little to no chemical use

Long lifespan


Consumes a considerable amount of electricity

Pond Boss Filter Kit

Source: Amazon

The Pond Boss Filter Kit was designed for smaller ponds that can accommodate about 500 gallons of water. This small pond filter comes with its own pump that sits inside a filter box. The water is then pulled into the filer box by a suction effect that’s triggered by the pump. Once the water is inside, it is filtered through two fine layers of foam pads.

The first layer is bigger and of a coarse constriction, and its main work is to catch debris. The second layer catches dead algae and other smaller particles that may cloud the pond water. For added protection, it has bio balls on the inside that deal with unwanted microorganisms through biol filtration.


Efficient kit

Easy to set up

It comes with its own water pump

Has a diverter valve for controlling water flow



Requires the filter to be pulled out for maintenance

It clogs up too quickly due to its size

Limited to small ponds only

GoPlus Pressure Bio Filter

GoPlus Pressure Bio Filter

Source: Amazon

This is the type of koi pond filter that is located outside the pond and comes shaped like a bucket. Water is pumped into the filter through a submerged water pump that is connected to the canister through a series of pipes. Inside the canister is a series of pads and bio filter balls that clean the water that passes through using the various filtration methods that are common with these kinds of setups.

The filter also comes with a built-in UV-C bulb that deals with algae and other unwanted microorganisms that may pose a danger to the fish in the pond. This gives the filter a three-pronged attack that ensures the pond stays clean at all times.


Ideal for big ponds above 2500 gallons

Incorporates mechanical, bio, and chemical filtration processes

Kills algae blooms

Gets rid of solid debris of all sizes

It can be positioned anywhere outside the pond

Easy installation and maintenance


Requires opening to clean the foam inside


The number of pond filters available in the market is beyond what you can imagine. Each of them has been designed to deliver results in a number of ways; all you have to do is find the one that best fits your pond. For more information that will guide you in the right direction as you shop for a pond filter, visit our website, and you’ll get all the help you need.

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