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Top 6 Aquarium UV Sterilizers in Australia


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The performance of your aquarium depends on the type and quality of equipment you install in it. This is especially true for aquarium hygiene equipment which impacts the well-being of your aquarium fish directly.

An aquarium UV sterilizer is one such tool that you would do well to invest in. However, while you may encounter a wide variety of options, not every brand is worth spending a dollar on. Some discernment will go a long way in saving both your money and aquarium fish from the snares of substandard equipment.

To help you with that, here are the top brands you can look out for when shopping for an aquarium UV sterilizer in Australia.

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Mountain Tree UV Sterilizers

Mountain Tree aquarium UV sterilizer

Source: fortmyerschirostudio.com

Mountain Tree UV sterilizers are highly effective in eliminating algae, parasites, and pathogens in aquarium water. So much so that you may notice an improvement in your aquarium within a day. You have a choice of either 15W, 20W, or 40W UV lamp power depending on your needs. If you own a large aquarium, the 20W and 40W varieties would be great additions due to their high UV power. The 15W is still comparably powerful and would be ideal for small to medium fish tanks.

Each unit consists of a well-insulated UV lamp mounted on a firm base and brackets made of sturdy but lightweight stainless steel. You will never have to worry about durability with these Mountain Tree UV sterilizers. Further, given that stainless steel is non-corrosive, you would still enjoy value for money even if you were to apply these UV sterilizers in a marine tank.

Installation: They are designed to be installed inline and on the water surface. It is a simple process and everything you need for it is included in the package, complete with instructions.

Maintenance: it is recommended that you change the UV bulb after 8,000 hours of use.

Aqua Zonic Universal 12,000 UV Sterilizers

Aqua Zonic aquarium UV sterilizer

Source: Shopify

The Aqua Zonic Universal UV sterilizer is compact and has a hard plastic body with a water inlet and outlet. It has a 13W UV lamp in its chamber where water flows through and gets irradiated by UV rays. It is applicable for eradicating algae and bacteria infestations in aquarium tanks that hold up to 12,000 liters.

If you would like to connect this UV sterilizer to a pump or external filtration media like a canister filter, it has compatible design provisions to accommodate them. Furthermore, it is applicable in both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, and even in the event of temperature changes, the quartz glass UV lamp will remain effective.

Installation: it is a non-submersible design and thus can only be applied externally. You may need a powerful pump to maintain a good flow rate.

Maintenance: the UV bulb will be due for a change after 5,000 hours of use but it also has an indicator that will come on to prompt you to replace it.

Ocean Free Smart-UVC 5W

Source: aquaticsupplies.com.au

At first glance, this Ocean Free Smart-UVC sterilizer does not seem like it can do much but it is packed with little clever features. When the water flows into its chamber via the inlet, a 5W UV lamp irradiates parasites and algae in the aquarium water. The water then flows to the bio-foam compartment which is a mechanical filter that draws out solid impurities from the water. Further on, it trickles past a chemical filter shaft that ensures any remaining by-product matter is broken down completely for easy removal by the aquarium filter media.

This UV sterilizer is only applicable in freshwater aquariums with coldwater. It delivers a maximum flow rate of 500 liters per hour which can be adjusted downwards to about 280 liters per hour if you deem it necessary.

Installation: it is a submersible design that is easy to install and comes with an Australian-standard plug.

Maintenance. from time to time the activated carbon used for chemical filtration will require refilling.


EHEIM Reeflex aquarium UV sterilizer

Source: aquaticsupplies.com.au

EHEIM ReeflexUV’s sterilizer body cavity is made of aluminum. Inside the cavity lies a UV bulb and a crevice for water to flow through which is made of highly reflective material. As the water flows past the UV bulb, the reflective surface intensifies the irradiation and enhances the effectiveness of the sterilization. It is recommended for clearing up turbid aquarium water, killing bacteria, and for minimizing infections in breeding tanks.

You get a choice between 3 variations of this UV sterilizer depending on your tank size; from 80 liters to 400 liters. They all work the same save for the different capacities.  You will, however, nedd to have a separate aquarium filtration system.

Installation: each unit comes with installation brackets that you can use to mount the UV sterilizer on the walls of the aquarium.

Maintenance: it easy to clean given the aluminum body. The bulb will require changing although unfortunately, this model is opaque and has no LED prompt light. Nevertheless, it does have a safety provision; the UV lamp automatically goes off when you initiate the bulb changing process.

DishyKooker Home Aquarium UV Sterilizer

DishyKooker aquarium UV sterilizer

Source: Amazon

This compact size UV sterilizer has an insulated but fully exposed 13 W UV lamp. On the one hand, its high power and full exposure make it adept at killing algae, viruses, and bacteria. However, on the other, it also poses a risk as the intensity of the UV rays could kill the aquarium fish and vegetation. Such direct UV exposure could also be harmful to your health. It is for this reason that this UV sterilizer must be inserted into the filtration tank.

Installation: you may want to confirm that the size of your filtration tank can accommodate this UV sterilizer.

Maintenance: extra care will be required when handling this UV sterilizer both during insertion and changing of the bulb. It would be advisable to wear gloves and ensure that the bulb is off before handling.

Coospider Sun Jup-01 Aquarium Filter and UV Sterilizer

Coospider Sun Aquarium UV sterilizer

Source: Amazon

The body cavity encased in heavy plastic conceals the many bits and bobs of this 4-in-1 device. It has a motor to pump aquarium water, a sponge filter, an air pump, and a 9 watt UV lamp. As such, it can pump, filter, oxygenate, and sterilize aquarium water. The 9 watt UV lamp can battle pathogens in aquariums of up to 300 liters.

Installation: it is a submersible design that requires no complex installation processes.

Maintenance: the filters will need to be changed regularly to maintain optimal performance and avoid clogging. The manufacturer recommends that you perform frequent checks to ensure that the internal systems are dry and operational given as it will be immersed in water for long durations.


It would be a false assertion to state that there is one ideal aquarium UV sterilizer. As you have learned from this, the options are vast and each brand goes to great lengths to offer unique features. So, perhaps you can narrow down your list based on your needs, product quality, and pricing. It would be best to also aim for an aquarium UV sterilizer manufacturer that offers a warranty and seamless service.

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