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Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Filter Brushes for Freshwater Aquariums

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    Patented Star Shape Filament

    Thousands of star shape filaments on the filter brushes help enlarge the specific surface area, making it easier to culture bacteria and enhance the water environment.

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    Maximized Filtration Effect

    The well-designed filter brushes enlarge the filter volume in limited space with proper density, thus improving the filtration effect significantly.

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    Easy to Wash

    The durable plastic material used for making filaments is manufactured with high-quality and resistant material, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

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    RoHS Standard

    Manufacturing our filter brushes strictly follows industry standards, guaranteeing that the products you receive are acceptable in any location.

Star Filter Brush(for aquarium)


    Cleaning Brush

    • Used for cleaning filter pipes and aquariums
    • Made of high-quality, eco-friendly material
    • Black overcoat makes it more durable

    Quiet Brush

    • Wet & Dry separation blocks off particulates
    • Reduces noise efficiently
    • 304 stainless steel durable and easy to maintain
    • A hook for easily hanging up (only for MT122)

    Brush Ball

    • Small size to fit sumps and filters
    • Patented filaments to upgrade bio filtration effect
    • Maximizes filter volume in limited space with proper density
    • Excellent physical and biological filtration
    • Washable, reusable and durable

    Small Square Brush

    • Easier fit to filter box
    • Maximize filter space
    • Improve filter effect
    • Physical and biological filtration 2 in 1

    Reliable Filter Brush Manufacturer For Freshwater Aquarium

    Easy to use and cost-effective, Mountain Tree filter brushes are made from plastic bristles attached to a stainless steel wire core with a loop at the end for hanging. Our brushes are usually used for particulate filtration and biofiltration, and are convenient to clean and maintain.

    Mountain Tree’s line of patented Freshwater Aquarium Filter Brushes is lightweight and long-lasting made with non-toxic materials to keep fishes safe. Our products are covered with product warranty and excellent aftersales service. Place an order today.

    You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

    • Original Product Design

      Our dedicated Research & Development team constantly works on updating our product offerings to make sure you get the best products in the market.

    • Wholesale Price

      Mountain Tree not only provides the best products in the market, but we also offer the best prices on large quantity orders for our filter brushes.

    • Free Sample

      Samples of our products are provided to our clients in koi shows and other events free of charge for VIPs. Clients can also request free samples to test the product.